VIPKid Hiring Process Explained

The VIPKid hiring process can be somewhat confusing for new applicants. But if you are wanting to know how to get hired with VIPKid, then you'll need to know what to expect.

Just like any job, VIPKid wants to vet and train incoming teachers to make sure they succeed. So keep in mind that each stage of the VIPKid hiring process is meant to prepare you for success as a teacher.

Knowing what to expect helps you to know the best way to prepare for each step along the way. So if you are wanting to know exactly what it will take to get hired by VIPKid, then keep reading.


Four Stages Of The VIPKid Hiring Process

Overall, there are four distinct parts of the VIPKid hiring process. Each takes a different amount of time and preparation. Below, I'll explain each stage in more details.

Stage 1 - The Basic VIPKid Application

VIPKid Application

This is the shortest and easiest part of the VIPKid application. As long as you meet the VIPKid teacher requirements, you should have no problem at all.

I see a few people get hung up in the very first step simply by not filling out their VIPKid application in full. So be sure not to leave out any information.

There are certain parts of the application that can get you immediately disqualified, so I always advise people enrolled in my free VIPKid hiring course to review my lessons on applying before they actually apply.

Be sure to review the VIPKid teacher requirements so you know ahead of time if you quality.


Stage 2 - The Demo Lesson / Interview

VIPKid Demo / Interview

If your initial application is accepted, then you'll immediately have access to the second part of the VIPKid hiring process.

During this stage, they want to get to know you better to find out if you have the basic skills to be a VIPKid teacher. They also want to ensure that what you said about yourself in your VIPKid application is true.

You'll be required to teach a demo lesson. They'll provide you with a PDF document that contains teaching teaching slides. They also give you some basic guidelines to help you pass the demo.

You have two options to submit your demo lesson.

  • Option 1 - Schedule a 30-minute interview with a live VIPKid representative.
  • Option 2 - Record a 10 minute video of yourself teaching the demo lesson.

Once you submit your demo lesson, you'll hear back from VIPKid and find out if you passed, failed, or need to redo the demo lesson.


  • Schedule your interview.
  • Prepare a demo lesson.
  • Do it live or record a video.

Stage 3 - VIPKid Certifications

VIPKid Certification

The third stage of the VIPKid hiring process is the one that takes the longest and requires the most preparation.

During this stage you'll need to prove that you are ready to become a VIPKid teacher by teaching through a full length mock class to a "pretend" student.

But before teaching your mock class, you'll need to learn the skills needed to be a successful VIPKid teacher. 

VIPKid has a lot of resources to help teachers pass this stage of the VIPKid hiring process, however, it can be hard to navigate and decipher at times. So my advice is to sign up for my free VIPKid hiring course where I go in greater detail about the skills you'll need to succeed.

The good news is that even if you don't pass your mock class the first time, VIPKid is very supportive and patient. They want you to succeed and will offer you tips on what you should improve.


  • Learn the key skills of being a successful VIPKid teacher.
  • Practice your mock class.
  • It's normal to not pass your first time.

Stage 4 - Become Official / Wrap Up

VIPKid Demo / Interview

The fourth and final stage of the VIPKid hiring process involves submitting documents, completing forms and signing your contract with VIPKid.

You'll be asked to submit:

  • A Picture Of Your Diploma
  • A Picture of Any Teacher Certificates (if applicable)
  • Pictures For Your Teacher Profile
  • Intro Video For Potential Students
  • Written Bio For Your Profile

You'll also have to give them permission to perform a background check and complete a tax form.

Note: If you don't have a teaching certificate, you'll have to complete a TESOL quiz to be officially eligible to teach English in China.


  • Submit final documents.
  • Sign your contract
  • Set up your VIPKid teacher profile

How Long Does The VIPKid Hiring Process Take?

The VIPKid hiring process should take you as little as two weeks with the right guidance.

In my free VIPKid hiring course I have guided step-by-step lessons to help you as you progress through each stage of the VIPKid hiring process.

Want access to the course? Simply sign up below to get started.

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