VIPKid Apply Here And Get A FREE T-Shirt!

So you want to apply for VIPKid? Smart move! I've been teaching with VIPKid for over a year now and absolutely LOVE IT! (You can read my full review of VIPKid if you are still on the fence)

But assuming that you are ready to apply for VIPKid and you don't already have someone else you are applying under, then I want to offer you something special for applying under my affiliate link.

For a limited time, not only will I coach you and guide you through the VIPKid hiring process, but I'll also send you a FREE custom t-shirt once you teach your first class.

vipkid apply and get a free t-shirt

PS - A shirt like this is going to cost you $23 at the official VIPKid store.

If you aren't familiar with the VIPKid referral process, let me explain...

Why Apply For VIPKid Under A Referral?

When you apply to VIPKid, it's a good idea to apply under a referring teacher. Why?

Here are a couple of reasons...

​​1. You are helping a VIPKid teacher earn some extra money.

Why not go ahead and be a blessing to someone else? If you are planning on applying to work with VIPKid, why wouldn't you want to help someone else earn a little extra cash in the process?

2. Your referring teacher will coach you through the VIPKid hiring process.

Getting started with VIPKid can be challenging. If you have never taught English online, then it is a skill that takes some time to learn. VIPKid also has specific requirements and stages you need to pass before you can start teaching. Many people find it difficult to do on their own.

So applying under a referring teacher who is willing to help is important. I've been teaching for the past year and have helped several people. I'm available to answer your questions and will do whatever I can to help.

And if those reasons aren't good enough, I'll give you one final reason to apply VIPKid under my referral link.

3. You'll get a FREE T-SHIRT!

Once you get hired, you are going to want to look "official" as you start teaching. The t-shirt I send you will be customized with your name on the front.

When I got approved as a teacher, I wanted some official "swag" so I looked like a VIPKid teacher. But I also found that it's nice to not worry about what I'm going to wear. Just grab your VIPKid shirt and you're ready to go.

You'll look and feel like a pro!

Get Your FREE T-Shirt Today

So if you are ready for VIPkid apply using the link below. Once you have completed your application, send me a message by visiting my contact page so we can keep in touch as you start the application process.

If you aren't sure if you qualify or you want a little extra guidance before you get started, you can also learn more about the VIPKid application and what to expect.

Otherwise, click the button below to get started.

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