The Ultimate VIPKid Review: Everything You Need To Know About VIPKid

This is the Ultimate VIPKid Review for 2019 and beyond.

If you are completely new to VIPKid, you're going to learn things like:

  • What is VIPKid?
  • How Much Money Can You Make With VIPKid?
  • What are the VIPKid Teacher Requirements?
  • And much more...

I've also rounded up VIPKid reviews from Glassdoor, Indeed and Reddit so that you can hear the truth about VIPKid from real-life teachers.

And of course I'll be giving you my own personal VIPKid review as an active VIPKid teacher with a year of experience under my belt.

So if you looking for the most thorough review of VIPKid on the internet, let's get started!

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Section 1:


This Ultimate VIPKid Review begins with the basic question: What is VIPKid?

In this section we'll give you a background of VIPKid.

You'll learn about VIPKid's founder, how she started VIPKid and why it's grown so fast over the past few years.

You'll also become familiar with some of the challenges they've faced over the years.


What Is VIPKid?

VIPKid is a China-based online teaching and educational company founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi. 

Her mission is simple: to transform the lives of children in China by providing them with a life-changing skill (English).

Their focus is teaching English to children in China between the ages of 4 to 12. They also have plans to expand to other countries.

VIPKid: How It All Started

VIPKid founder, Cindy Mi, grew up in an educational system where it was normal for one teacher to be responsible for up to 60 students.

As a result, it was impossible to get personalized help when she began to struggle in her studies.

She eventually spent more time reading magazines in class than she did listening to the teacher.

Once her teacher noticed what she was doing, she ripped up the magazine, threw it in her face and kicked her out of class.

Cindy Mi

Founder Cindy Mi courtesy of VIPKid

That experience would eventually define Cindy Mi and her vision for VIPKid.

VIPKid now makes personalized teaching the heart of everything it does.

It's obviously paying off. Just check out some of these stats...

  • Started With 3,305 Students and 404 Teachers
  • Currently Has 500,000 Students and 65,000 Teachers
  • Valued at $3 Billion in 2018
  • Experienced 200x Growth In Four Years

Stats like these are why VIPKid is considered the most valuable educational startup in the world.

Growing Pains 

Like any business that grows rapidly, VIPKid has dealt with growing pains. Their biggest challenge has been to maintain quality as they scale.

Apparently, they are doing pretty good as it's been reported that they have a 95% retention rate for students.

Long-time VIPKid teachers have had to deal with the evolving platform and changing policies.

As a result, reviews from original teachers may address policies and procedures that have since been updated.

The hiring process also continues to evolve. And information you may find on YouTube or other sources may no longer be applicable.

The sheer amount of outdated VIPKid reviews makes it hard to navigate the current state of the company.

VIPKid Awards and Accolades

Besides being recognized as one of the fastest growing educational startups in the world, they have also received several other awards.

Below are just a few...


From 2017 to 2019, VIPKid was named one of the best places to work for remote work.

And Glassdoor recently named them as one of the best places to work (#67) out of all companies on their platform.

Now that you know more about the history of VIPKid, we'll continue our VIPKid review by taking a closer look at how it works.

Section 2:


In this section of the Ultimate VIPKid Review we're going to answer the question: How does VIPKid work?

You'll learn about the VIPKid teacher's portal, how to set your schedule and the technology involved in teaching a class online.

These are some of the technical details that are normally reserved for VIPKid teachers only.

If you've never taught English online, this section should be very helpful.


The VIPKid Teachers Portal

If you get hired as a VIPKid teacher you will have access to an online teachers portal. The teachers portal is your virtual office.

You'll do things like...

  • Receive support from VIPKid
  • Access lessons and resources
  • Setup your profile
  • Set your schedule
  • See your current earnings

In the past, the teachers portal was both browser-based and app-based. However, in the future, VIPKid is moving to push all teachers to the app-based teacher portal.


One of the first things you'll do as a new VIPKid teacher is set up your profile.

Your teacher profile is designed for parents to learn more about you and decide if they want to book you or not.

They will base this decision on your appearance, reviews, education and experience.

There are several things you'll add to your teacher profile, such as...

  • Your picture
  • An introductory video
  • Educational background
  • Teaching experience
  • Photos of your family

The second thing you’ll do is set up your teaching schedule.

You'll do this by selecting the days and times you are available to teach. Parents will see your open slots and if your availability lines up with their needs, they might book you. 

They can also request you to teach at times you have not marked as open. This is known as a "priority booking".

Below is a picture of what the teaching schedule looks like. 

The green rectangle represents a student that has been booked. The yellow rectangles show that you may have students interested in booking you at those times.


Once you set your schedule and you begin getting booked, it's time to start preparing for your lessons.

Teaching a VIPKid Lesson

VIPKid has built a very engaging and powerful teaching platform. It amazes me how engaged most children are and how much they seem to enjoy learning.

When it's time for your class to begin, you will log in to the teachers portal and enter the "classroom." Below you can see what the classroom looks like.


As you can see, there are slides on the left side of the screen and the teacher's camera on the bottom right side of the screen.

Normally you can also see the child's video on the top right of the screen, but it has been removed for privacy purposes.

But before class even begins, you'll have access to all the slides in the lesson as well as the details on how to teach through each slide.

In addition, VIPKid also provides videos of other teachers teaching the same lesson who have received a 5-star rating from a parent.

This helps you see what a "good" example looks like.

There is also a feedback section where you can see what other teachers have said about the child you will be teaching.

This can be helpful as you may learn about the child's personality and how you might better connect with that child to make the lesson more engaging.

After you are finished teaching, you will leave feedback on the child’s performance. 


You’ll leave feedback that the parent can view. You will also leave feedback for the next teacher.

Of course, there are more pieces to the puzzle, but this should give you a general idea of how VIPKid works.

The next section of our VIPKid Review will talk about money and how much you can earn with VIPKid.

Section 3:

VIPKid Salary

At this point in our VIPKid review, we're going to talk about money.

Chances are that you are looking at VIPKid as an opportunity to make more money for yourself or your family.

So in this section we'll talk about how much money you can make, how to earn more money through VIPKid incentives and how to get a raise.


The Average VIPKid Teacher Salary

How much you get paid will depend on your previous experience, educational background and your performance during the VIPKid hiring process.

To ensure you get paid as much as possible, it’s important to be prepared for each step and to look like a seasoned pro. That is why I offer my VIPKid hiring course. It will help you be as prepared as possible for each step of the way.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for VIPKid teachers is $18/hr. Not too bad for getting to stay home and teach!

As a VIPKid teacher you start off with a base pay rate which is what you earn "per class". Each class takes 25 minutes, so to calculate your “per hour” pay you simply multiply your base pay by two.

The base pay per class begins at $7 and goes up to $9. In reality, you will probably start off between $7.50 - $8.00 per class. 

Earning More Money With Incentives

On top of your base pay, it’s possible to earn additional money for meeting certain goals.

The first incentive you will earn is for showing up on time and finishing your class.

You’ll earn an extra $1 per class just by doing that. This brings your average hourly wage to $20 per hour.

The second incentive you can receive is based on how many classes you teach in a month.

If you teach 30 to 44 classes within a month, you’ll earn an extra $0.50 per class. If you teach more than 44 classes in a month you will get an extra $1.00 per class.

It total, this brings the average wage to $22 per hour if you teach more than 44 classes in a month.

The third incentive is based on referring new VIPKid teachers.

You can earn an extra $100 for every VIPKid teacher that you refer. You only earn this money if the person you referred applies under your referral link, gets approved and teaches at least one class.

How Often Do You Get Paid With VIPKid

In the past, you only had the option of getting paid once or twice a month. However, they recently began a weekly payment option, which is what I currently do. If yoou choose the monthly option, you will be paid no later than the 10th of every month. If you do the twice a month option, you’ll get paid no later than the 10th and 25th of every month.

How To Get A Raise With VIPKid

Getting a raise with VIPKid is quite difficult which is another reason it is so important to do your best during the hiring process.

However, it is possible (albeit unlikely) to get a raise with VIPKid.

If you do qualify for a raise, your pay can be increased by $0.50 per class. But the highest allowable base pay rate is $10. 

So how do you qualify for a raise? Here are the requirements:

  • You've taught at least one year with VIPKid and have completed 2 contracts.
  • You've had no more than 2 teacher "no shows" within a year (A "no show" is when you don't show up for class).
  • Your cancellation rate is less than 0.06% including "no shows".
  • You've completed 1200 classes in the past year (100 per month).
  • You've completed 600 peak-peak-teaching (PPT) slots in the past year. PPT slots are the busiest times of the day for VIPKid teachers.
  • You have a 25% five apple feedback ratio. In other words, at least 1 out of every 4 students you teach give you a 5 "apple" review.

All of these requirements are very hard to meet unless VIPKid is your main money-making gig.

On the other hand, if you're like me and you only teach a few classes each day, you're better off working hard during the hiring process so that you can get a good starting base pay.

  • Average pay is $18-20 starting out.
  • Incentives make it easy to earn extra cash.
  • Don't count on getting a raise. It's very hard.
  • VIPKid is better suited for part-time work.

If you'd be happy making an extra $18-$20 per hour and you are ready to proceed, then you should probably make sure you qualify for the job. 

So in the next section of our VIPKid review, we're going to take a closer look at the VIPKid teacher requirements.

Section 4:

VIPKid Teacher Requirements

What does it take to be a VIPKid teacher? It's important to answer this question before you apply.

So in this section of this Ultimate VIPKid review, we'll discuss the three primary requirements you must meet to qualify as a VIPKid teacher.

These are requirements that VIPKid has implemented to ensure they continue to provide high-quality education from qualified teachers.

So what are the requirements? Keep reading to find out.


Requirement #1: Bachelor's Degree

VIPKid requires all of their teachers to have a bachelor’s degree. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree in teaching. It can be in any subject whatsoever. 

People often ask, “Does VIPKid check your degree?”

The answer is “yes”. VIPKid will ask you to send a copy of your college transcripts. If you don’t have this you can also send them a picture of your diploma. 

Parents in China place a high value on having their children taught by teachers with college degrees. So even though you might make a great VIPKid teacher, unfortunately, anything short of a bachelor’s degree will disqualify you from working with VIPKid.

Requirement #2: Work Eligibility

There are plenty of other places in the world where English is spoken. For example, you may live in the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. However, VIPKid markets their services as teaching “North American English”. 

So as long as you are eligible to work in the United States or Canada, then you’ll have the opportunity to work with VIPKid. 

Some VIPKid teachers are eligible to work in US or Canada, but choose to travel or live abroad. If that describes you then it’s ok, VIPKid can still work for you.

Requirement #3: Teaching Experience

This requirement needs a little bit of explanation. Most people think that teaching experience means you must have spent time teaching in a classroom setting. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

VIPKid wants to make sure that you have experience teaching children in general. This means that even informal teaching experience can count. 

What are some examples of VIPKid teaching experience?

  • Working with kids at summer camp
  • Working at a daycare
  • Volunteering in a children’s ministry
  • Helping with an afterschool program
  • Homeschooling
  • Leading kids activities at the library
  • Mentoring or coaching children
  • And of course actual K-12 classroom teaching

Having classroom experience is great because it means you’ve had formal experience teaching and you probably also have a lot of fun props already. But don’t think you MUST have classroom experience to apply.

Finally, keep in mind that VIPKid is looking for teachers with at least one year of teaching experience. On the VIPKid application you will be asked to describe how much teaching experience you have. Anything less than one year will automatically disqualify you.

Tech Requirements

Everything that you do for VIPKid will happen on your computer over the internet. Therefore, it’s essential that you are up to date with high speed internet and a computer. 

VIPKid recommends 20 Mbps download speed as the minimum. If you aren’t sure about your current speed you can contact your internet provider and ask if they have a speedtest site where you can check your internet speed. 

While a computer and high speed internet are the basic requirements, there are some other tech requirements for VIPKid such as a headset and a web camera.

In my VIPKid hiring couse, I recommend that you check your internet speed, video quality and other tech settings before you start your interview.

Tech problems in the classroom are a major concern for VIPKid since they lead to unhappy parents. So having them during your interview sends a bad signal from the start.

  • Requirement 1: Bachelor's Degree.
  • Requirement 2: Eligible To Work In The US or Canada.
  • Requirement 3: Teaching Experience.
  • Requirement 4: Computer and High-Speed Internet.

Once you know whether you meet the VIPKid teacher requirements, you may be ready to apply for VIPKid. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to know more about the VIPKid hiring process.

Section 5:

The VIPKid Hiring Process

Once you are ready to apply for VIPKid, you'll want to know what to expect.

In this section of the Ultimate VIPKid Review, I'm going to talk about all the little steps that make up the VIPKid hiring process.

You'll learn about the 4 stages of the process and you'll begin to understand why having a hiring coach can be helpful.


An Overview Of The VIPKid Hiring Process

VIPKid has to make sure that every teacher they hire is prepared and ready to teach before they get their first booking. And while you will definitely get better over time, you’ll need to develop the basic skills before you start.

The VIPKid hiring process is designed to not only weed out people who don’t meet the basic requirements, but it’s also designed to train their new teachers.

What is the VIPKid hiring process?

  • Step 1: Apply For VIPKid
  • Step 2: Pass Your Interview
  • Step 3: Teach A Mock Class
  • Step 4: Become “Official”

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Step 1: Apply For VIPKid

This is the first and the easiest stage of getting hired. As long as you meet the basic VIPKid teacher requirements then you can pass this step in a matter of minutes.

There are a few things to watch out for on your VIPKid application {insert link to VIPKid application blog post} that can get you disqualified, but for the most part it’s pretty straight forward.

Ready To Apply? Click the link below to apply using my referral link and get access to my personal coaching.

Step 2: Pass Your Interview

During your interview you’ll share a little more about your teaching experience. You’ll also teach a few slides from a VIPKid class. If you’ve never taught an ESL class online before then I highly recommend you sign up for my VIPKid hiring course. I go into much more detail about how to teach ESL online so you’ll look like a pro.

You have a few different options for your interview. First, you can schedule a live interview with a VIPKid representative. This type of interview takes about 30 minutes total. You’ll start by sharing information about yourself and your teaching experience. Then you’ll teach the demo lesson.

The second option is to film a 10 minute video on their platform. During the video you’ll introduce yourself and teach through the same demo lesson.

There is currently a third “express” option which allows you to film an even shorter three-minute video introducing yourself and teaching through two slides from the demo lesson. This option will be disappearing soon, so depending on when you are reading this article, it may not be available anymore.

During the interview, they will be evaluating your skill as an ESL teacher as well as your “fit” for their company. Some things that may disqualify you during this stage are:

  • Bad grammar
  • A noticeable “non-American” accent
  • Speech patterns that make it difficult to understand you
  • Tech problems
  • Lack of teaching experience

Even if you have some initial problems, it’s possible to redo your interview. They may think you need to practice the demo lesson again before scheduling another interview. Again, a hiring coach (like me) can help you avoid these issues.

Step 3: Teach A Mock Class

At this stage VIPKid is thinking you will be a good fit for the company, but you still need to prove that you’re capable of teaching online. They’ll need to know that you are not only able to teach according to their standards, but you’re also able to teach using their software.

This is the longest stage of the VIPKid hiring process and depending on your grit and determination, can take a few days up to a few weeks. 

It can be tempting to give up during this stage, especially if you don’t pass your mock class the first few times. 

But knowing that it’s common to fail your first few mock classes can help reassure yourself that you are completely normal. Most people need to teach their mock class more than once. 

During this stage of the hiring process you’ll be going into more detail about the skills needed to be an effective VIPKid teacher. You’ll learn about:

  • TPR
  • Correction
  • Modeling
  • Student Output
  • Props
  • Incidental language

I have an entire unit in my VIPKid hiring course that focuses completely on ESL teaching skills following the VIPKid standards. But even if you take the do-it-yourself approach, VIPKid has some great resources on their website. 

They also have live weekly webinars teaching the skills you’ll need. It lasts about two hours. I personally prefer small chunks of information at a time, which is how I have it formatted in my VIPKid hiring course.

To pass your mock class, you’ll need to be prepared to teach through two classes. You won’t know which class you’ll be teaching until you start. You will teach a VIPKid representative who will pretend to be a five year old child. 

VIPKid will send you a notice if you don’t pass and they’ll provide you with helpful feedback about what can be improved for your next attempt. Again, don’t be discouraged if you have to do your mock class several times.

Imagine a scenario where you teach your first class, but you aren’t truly prepared. This could lead to you getting negative reviews and ultimately hurt your chances of getting booked in the future. 

So it’s best to do your mock classes until you’re really prepared.

Once you’ve passed your mock class then it’s time to become official.

Step 4: Become Official

Great! You’ve finally made it to this point. But now what?

Well, it’s time to become official by filling out some paperwork, submitting a background check, sending proof of your bachelor’s degree and setting up your VIPKid teacher profile {link to blog about setting up your teacher profile}.

At this point you’ll know how much you will be making as a VIPKid teacher. You’ll be presented with a formal contract to sign. Keep in mind that you may not be able to sign your contract for several days. If you think there may be a problem, simply contact VIPKid support and ask for help.

You’ll also need to send your college transcript or a picture of your college diploma as proof that you have a bachelor’s degree. It may be a good idea for you to go ahead and find these documents early so you’ll have them ready when the time comes.

They’ll ask for your permission to complete a background check. This is mandatory so if you refuse the background check you won’t be able to work for VIPKid.

Lastly, you’ll spend time getting your profile ready to go. Some of the things you’ll need for your VIPKid teacher profile include:

  • Profile picture
  • Additional pictures (for example, with your family)
  • Welcome video
  • Brief bio
  • Teaching experience

Your teacher profile is what the Chinese parents will see when they are browsing for a teacher. So be sure to get bright and flattering pictures of your smiling face!

Overall, with the right guidance, it is possible to get started with VIPKid within 2 weeks. For the opportunity to earn good money working from home, I’d say it’s well worth it.


If you apply for VIPKid and eventually get hired, what kind of schedule can you expect? That is what we'll cover next in this VIPKid review.

Section 6:

VIPKid Hours and Schedule

One of the best things about VIPKid is the freedom of choosing your own schedule.

In this section of our Ultimate VIPKid Review, I'll talk more about the VIPKid schedule and the hours you can expect to work.

You'll learn how to adjust your schedule in the teacher's portal, how to make yourself available and what to do if you need to cancel a class.


Scheduling With The Teacher's Portal

The place where you will go to determine your schedule is the teacher's portal. Once you have logged in to the teacher's portal you will have access to your class bookings schedule. This is where you will see your currently scheduled classes as well as decide when you want to make yourself available.

Note: You will need to make yourself available before you can be booked. So if it's your first time logging into the teacher's portal, you will not have any bookings yet.

Determining Your Schedule

One of the great things about VIPKid is having the freedom to determine your own schedule. As you can see by looking at the schedule below, there are lots of times available to teach. You will decide your own schedule based on your income goals and your schedule.

However, you will also notice that there are some slots that are not available. There are no classes available from 10am - 8pm. This is unavailable because children in China often sleep during those hours.


You may also notice that some of the squares say "hot". This means that these are "peak" hours or times that are easier to get booked.

The times listed in the screenshot above are in Eastern Standard Time. So the peak hours are 6am - 9:30pm EST. 

While you could also open your schedule in the evening on Sunday - Thursday, it's not a peak hour and you may find it difficult to get booked during those time slots. 

Just getting started? It can be hard to get booked as a new teacher. So opening more slots gives you more opportunities to get booked.

But as you can see, there are multiple slots available, so you really need to simply determine when you want to teach.

Making Yourself Available

Once you know when you want to teach, then you need to "open" up your availability.

To do this you will first need to "unlock" your schedule by clicking the "unlock" button at the top right corner of the calendar. 

Once your calendar is unlocked you can click on the day and time you want to make yourself available.


You'll then click "course" and "available" to show that you are available to be booked. The "short notice" option means that you are available to be booked at the last minute.

Getting Booked

Once you have made yourself available, you can be booked by a parent. Many new teachers have claimed it is very hard to get booked. And I have personally seen new teachers struggle to get their first booking.

So what can you do to increase your odds of getting booked?

The first thing I recommend is that you get as many "certifications" as possible. A "certification" is like a test that you pass saying that you are qualified to teach a certain type of class.

For example, when you first start you will be certified to teach a specific level of student. However, there are additional certifications available. And the more certifications you receive, the more types of classes you can be scheduled for. So it's to your advantage to get as many certifications as possible.

Secondly, I would advise you to put some additional effort into your teacher profile page. When you first setup your teacher's portal, you will need to upload pictures and videos. You'll also write a profile. Be sure that your pictures and videos look clear and professional.

Third, open up more slots that you normally want to teach. If you open up your preferred slots and you find you aren't being booked, open up some additional slots to see if it helps.

Lastly, be patient! Once you begin getting reviews from satisfied parents, you will find it easier to get booked. But as a new teacher with zero reviews, it can take some time to build up momentum.

Cancelling Classes

As you continue reading VIPKid reviews, you'll learn that a lot of teachers don't like VIPKid's cancellation policy. However, you should know that many of those reviews are based on old policies that are stricter than they are currently.

Nevertheless, VIPKid does not have a high tolerance for cancellations, so it's best to make sure you don't open up your schedule unless you are committed to being available.

I go into greater detail about VIPKid's cancellation policy here, but for now just know that you want to do your best to avoid cancelling classes once you've been booked.

  • You determine your own schedule.
  • Peak hours are between 6-9:30 am EST.
  • You must make yourself available before you can be book.
  • Do your best to avoid cancelling booked classes.

Alright, so you have a good idea of how VIPKid works and how to get schedule. Now it's time to start focusing on actual VIPKid reviews from real people so you can determine if it's worth it.

Section 7:

My Personal VIPKid Review

So far you've been learning about VIPKid, but what is it like to teach for VIPKid?

In this section the Ultimate VIPKid Review, I'm going to share my personal review of VIPKid and tell you what it has been like for me.

Like everything, it has it's ups and downs and I'm going to share them all here.



I began working with VIPKid in 2018 after hearing about it from several of my own friends. Our family had struggled financially after depending on my husband’s single income for years. After trying several other jobs that didn’t work for me, I discovered VIPKid.

I personally wasn’t looking for a full-time income. Instead, I wanted something that would allow me to earn an extra $500 - $1000 a month while still being able to focus on being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling my kids.

I had a background in education. For several years I had taught Spanish before getting married. I have always enjoyed teaching, so VIPKid seemed like a great fit.

I was initially skeptical if VIPKid was legit, but after doing some research I felt confident enough to apply. I also had several friends who worked for them and highly recommended it.

It took me about two weeks to get approved to work with VIPKid. I spent a lot of time practicing ahead of time and researching the resources available from VIPKid. So thankfully I was able to pass everything after my first attempt.

Based on my experience as a VIPKid teacher, here are some of the pros and cons of VIPKid. I’ll list them out below and go into a little more detail on each point.


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Easy To Prepare
  • Good Pay
  • Lots Of Fun
  • Work From Home


  • Rapid Growth
  • Slow To Get Bookings
  • Early Hours
  • Limited Income


One of the things I love about working with VIPKid is the flexible schedule.

It’s really nice to be able to close my schedule during the holidays or while I’m traveling. There aren’t a lot of jobs that literally have no minimum hours you.

When you get approved as a VIPKid teacher you’ll have access to their VIPKid teacher portal. This is where you go to set your schedule.

You can open slots when you want to teach or leave them closed when you don’t want to teach. It’s very easy.


I was a middle school Spanish teacher for years. I’ve always loved teaching, but there were some things I didn’t enjoy about teaching.

Many of my evenings were spent preparing for school the next day or grading papers.

But with VIPKid, all the lessons have already been prepared ahead of time. All I need to do is look over the lesson and gather some props.

So if you like teaching, but don’t like the lesson planning or grading, then you’ll enjoy working with VIPKid.


I personally make about $20 per hour teaching with VIPKid. Depending on what you are used to making, that may sound like a lot or not. 

But for me, it’s a good amount. Especially when you consider I don’t have to leave my home and I could still work a normal job during the day if I wanted.


Like I said earlier, I’ve always enjoyed teaching. But some parts of classroom teaching (grading and lesson planning) make it difficult.

But with VIPKid, I feel like it has brought the fun back into teaching.

It’s also really nice to be able to teach one child instead of an entire room full of children. 

VIPKid encourages you to be silly and have fun during your class. So I sing songs, play with puppets and try to find fun ways to teach the lesson.


The biggest benefit of working with VIPKid in my opinion is being able to work from home. 

As a stay-at-home mom, I was looking for something that would let me still focus on raising my kids.

VIPKid only takes up an hour or two out of my day. And since most of the classes are early in the morning, I’m normally done teaching before my kids even wake up.

But this also brings me to the cons of working with VIPKid…


The VIPKid teaching hours are pretty early in the morning. So if you struggle to get up early, you may have a hard time teaching with VIPKid.

But since you are teaching kids in China on the other side of the world, you have to be available when they need you.

I personally get up around 3:45 am most mornings. I spent some time drinking coffee, getting dressed and reading.

My first class is at 5am on most days. My kids wake up around 7:30 am, so I try to be finished with teaching by 7am. 

I actually personally don’t see this as a huge downside, because I would rather have a job that allows me to work before my kids get up.

But most people don’t like the early mornings.


When it comes to how much money you can make with VIPKid, it is somewhat limited.

Granted, there are some opportunities to make extra money through referrals or incentives.

But for the most part, there aren’t a ton of hours available to work with VIPKid.

I’m not personally looking to make a full-time income with VIPKid. I’m just looking to make a little extra each month to help out with our budget.

But if you are looking for a full-time income working from home, VIPKid may not meet your needs.

Slow To Get Booked

When you first start teaching with VIPKid, it can take awhile to get the full amount of hours you want.

Many teachers have to wait a few weeks to get their first booking. And even after that, it still takes some time to get regular students who book you consistently.

In my hiring course I share some tips for getting booked faster, but at the end of the day, you aren’t guaranteed any amount of bookings.

If you are desperate for cash and you need to start teaching immediately, you may be frustrated as you wait to get booked.

Rapid Growth

Anytime a company experiences rapid growth there will be growing pains.

Over the past few years, VIPKid has grown into one of the world’s largest online English learning platforms.

So how does this affect you as a VIPKid teacher? Not very much honestly. But you may notice that you need to change the way you do things every once in a while as procedures get updated.


Overall, I really love working with VIPKid. I’ve always loved teaching, but I also wanted to stay at home with my kids.

So VIPKid allows me to do both!

I’m not getting rich, but I am adding $500-$1000 to our family budget every single month.

But enough about me…

Let’s hear what other teachers have to say about work with VIPKid.

In the next few sections of this VIPKid review, we'll take a look at what teachers had to say about VIPKid around the internet.

Section 8:

VIPKid Reviews on Glassdoor

Let's be honest, most reviews are not completely objective.

But in this Ultimate VIPKid Review, I want to get some unbiased and objective opinions from around the internet.

The first place we'll look is a workplace review site called Glassdoor.

We'll look at the positive and the negative things people had to say about VIPKid on Glassdoor.



If you aren’t familiar with Glassdoor, it is an independent website where employees can rate their employer anonymously.

It’s a good place to find reviews of VIPKid because they are usually brutally honest.

So in the spirit of being unbiased, I’ve rounded up some VIPKid reviews from Glassdoor so that you can get a clearer understanding of VIPKid.

When going through the reviews of VIPKid on Glassdoor, I looked for trends rather than isolated experiences. I also focused on reviews from VIPKid teachers rather than employees who work in the corporate offices.

So here is what teachers had to say about VIPKid on Glassdoor.


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Remote Work
  • Good Pay
  • Easy
  • Love The Kids


  • Strict Cancellation Policy
  • Bookings Not Guaranteed

VIPKid currently (at the time of writing) has a 4.3 rating based on 195 reviews on Glassdoor.

It was also voted one of the top #100 workplaces by Glassdoor in 2019.


What vipkid teachers like the most

After scouring through lots of reviews I've boiled down the things teachers like the most to four primary things. In this section I'll share a summary of those things for you to glance through.

VIPKid teachers love The flexibility

“Work as much or as little as you want to”
“Flexible schedule”
“Work the hours you want”
“Pick how much or little you want to work”

Almost every review of VIPKid talks about the flexible schedule. VIPKid teachers love being able to work as much or as little as they want.

VIPKID Teachers Love Being able to work remotely

“Can work from anywhere: car, office, hotel, vacation…”
“I’ve taught from several locations around the country”
“Work from the comfort of your home”
“Love, love working from home”
“Easy to do from home”

VIPKid teachers also love working remotely. Others have taught while traveling on vacation or staying in a hotel. 

VIPKid teachers love the pay

“Good pay”
“Great compensation”
"Best Side Hustle

Many Glassdoor VIPKid reviews also mentioned being satisfied with the pay. Several teachers mentioned receiving raises and having fully booked schedules.

VIPKid Teachers Love How Easy It Is

“All the best parts of teaching...without the endless reports and paperwork”
“Little to no prep”
“Lessons are premade for you”

If you are used to teaching in a school setting, then you’ll love how easy it is to prepare for lessons. Several VIPKid teacher reviews mentioned how much they enjoyed teaching without all the endless paperwork.

VIPKid Teachers love the kids

“Children are great, well behaved and very engaged”. 
“Love the students!!”
“The students are so sweet and special. I never knew that students half a world away could capture my heart so thoroughly.”
“Wonderful dedicated intelligent students who want to learn.”

It may surprise you that what many teachers enjoy about VIPKid are the relationships that develop with your students.

It is common to have the same student on a weekly basis. And when you teach 1-on-1 you develop a better relationship than teaching a classroom full of students.

Now that you've had a chance to see what people like about working with VIPKid, we'll take a look at some of the common criticisms people shared about VIPKid on Glassdoor.

What vipkid teachers don't like

When it comes to the reviews of VIPKid on Glassdoor, again, I try to focus on trends rather than isolated events.

Below are the two main themes I found when it comes to complaints about VIPKid on Glassdoor:

Strict Cancellation Policy

“You only get 6 cancellations in 6 months, which is unrealistic”
“Strict policies”
“Attendance policy needs some updating to reflect people having real lives”
“Unfair cancellation policy”
“Very strict on cancellation even if it is does far in advance”

The biggest complaint of VIPKid is by far their cancellation policy.

Many teachers report that VIPKid has an overly strict cancellation policy. They claim that having to miss a class due to a death in the family or illness gets penalized by the company. 

Some have stated that cancelling a class makes it hard to get booked again in the future.

Others have complained that it's not fair everyone gets the same amount of allowed cancellations. They argue that teachers who teach 150 classes should get the same allowed cancellations as someone who teaches 10 classes.

I mentioned earlier that due to rapid growth, VIPKid is constantly having to deal with issues that arise. The VIPKid cancellation policy is one of those things that is regularly evolving.

Not Getting Booked

“I have been with this company for a month and a half and have yet to book one class.”
“From my sign-up in this company, in the first month, I only arranged 1 lesson”
“Sometimes the booking rate is also pretty low”
“Bookings are not guaranteed. Be prepared to wait 1-4 months before seeing your first slop filled.”

This seems to be hit or miss. Some teachers (like me) didn’t have any trouble getting booked with VIPKid, while others seem to have to wait weeks or months to get booked.

The reason for the disparity could be the amount of teaching experience you have.

For example, I have a background in teaching middle school Spanish. Chinese parents look for teachers with teaching experience. Perhaps I was booked quicker because of my previous experience.

The standard response from VIPKid is to give it more time and patiently wait for parents to book you. VIPKid can’t force parents to book you, so sometimes you just need a little more time.

Again, this can be frustrating when you are brand new and need money fast.

In my VIPKid hiring course I discuss ways to improve your chances of getting booked.

Some reviews of VIPKid complain that although they do get booked, there is no consistency from week to week. 

I've personally been able to get booked fairly consistently. So this issue is definitely not universal.


Overall, the consensus seems to be that most people on Glassdoor love VIPKid because of their flexible, remote work opportunity. They also love the pay and getting to teach kids 1-on-1.

They are most unhappy about the strict cancellation policy and the inconsistent bookings.

In the next section of our VIPKid Review, we're going to look at another brutally honest source of information: Reddit.

Section 9:

VIPKID Reviews On Reddit

Reddit, while not a review site, is a place where people can go to post honest questions and receive honest answers.

So in this section of the Ultimate VIPKid review we are going to look at some questions that were asked and how VIPKid teachers answered them.

While not formal reviews, they do give you an idea how VIPKid is truly viewed by it's teachers.



One popular post ask the question, “Is VIPKid worth it?” This was from a person who was currently going through the VIPKid application process. Specifically, they were wondering if all the work of getting hired was worth the job. Here is how current teachers responded.

“The mocks are more work than the actual job in my experience. I think they just want to know people are taking the job seriously by having really high standard in the hiring process.”

Another teacher chimed in…

“Personally, I love VIPKid, and have been teaching with them since August, 6 classes, every day.”

Here are some other teacher responses to that same question…

“VIPKid is worth it. They are not a scam and I’ve been treated very well. My first month I taught 45 classes, the second month I doubled that, the third I taught 240 classes and surpassed my goal of $2000 a month.”

Another teacher said…

“I’ve been teaching with VIPKID for two months. When I did my mock classes I spent two hours preparing and didn’t know if it would be worth it. I almost didn’t do my second mock classes for the same reason, but I am really glad I did. After a week of getting hired and teaching classes I don’t take more than a few minutes to prepare. Lately I haven’t spent any time ahead of time, I just open the classroom and go.”
“Personally, I love it. The hiring process was hard, but it was much easier after I actually got hired”
“I love it. Interview process was exhausting, but I have a lot of satisfaction with the job. By week 3, I was fully booked. And I am a 50 something female, not one of those super cute, young, uberenergetic girls on YouTube. I like it better than my FT teaching job. I get paid on time every month, and I connect with my students. Almost all are regulars after a few months. Good luck! It is not for everyone, for sure, but it works for me!”
“I work 2 nights a week 9pm-3am and I make $800-$950 a month. So for me definitely yes it is worth it. The regular lesson are much less prep than the interviews.”

Amid all of the glowing reviews, there was one disgruntled teacher. 

“Working for VIPKID felt a lot like working for a large retail chain...You're just a number to the company...The lessons are dull as hell and the amount you're expected to invest into making them less terrible is ridiculous (Puppets! Musical instruments! Studio lighting!). 
When I was hired a year ago it was easy to get bookings, but now the market is so oversaturated teachers go almost their entire contracts without being booked. When you do get booked a lot of parents are uppity and disrespectful (Commenting on appearance, making racial comments, making ridiculous demands, etc.). The cultural differences combined with the "service" nature of the job make for a really difficult experience. Not to mention once you pass the mocks you still have to take a ton of "certifications" in order to teach anything (Lucky me, this didn't exist when I was hired).”

As you can see from the responses to this question, most people are very happy with VIPKid, but there are certainly those that aren’t. 


Here is another thread on Reddit asking how much people make.

“I’m looking to sign up and work with VIPKID, just wondering about any users experiences? How much do you guys usually make?”

Here were the responses from several teachers.

“In the last two weeks in August I taught 64 classes and made around 800 or so dollars. I adore working for VIPKid.”
“If you get consistently booked, it's great as a side job or even as a main job. I'd hesitate to make it your full-time job until your second contract, though, which comes 6 months in. By then, you'll have a better idea of how many bookings and how much income you can expect because it really does vary quite a lot between teachers. 
I work for four different companies, two of them in the TEFL industry, and VIPKid is by far the one I make the most money with each month. It's easy and offers the highest pay for the 6am-8am Eastern US hours that I have been able to find which is convenient for morning people like me. 
I make around $1200 a month before taxes teaching around 30 classes a week (a total of about 16-17 hours of work including prep and feedback) mainly at those times.
Overall, I'd say it's worth going for as long as you go in with the right expectations. Expect to wait a while for bookings to pick up and don't spend a lot of money on your classroom.”
“Been doing this since November 2017, started off slow the first two months only really making like 5 or 600 a month. But since January, I have been making between $1500 to $1600 a month. I am on the East Coast in the US usually teach from 6:30am to 10:00am. I was doing almost everyday, but the last two months, I started taking some weekends off because it was making me a little crazy working every morning.”
“I really enjoy working for VIPkid. It's fun and relatively easy. It took me about a month and a half to really start getting bookings and earning decent money. Now I open slots from 5:30-10am on weekdays and 7-8:30am on weekends. I should make about $1600 this month.”

You can see that all the teachers responding were happy with the amount of money they made. You can also see that some of them noticed bookings could be difficult in the beginning. 


In this post, a first time teacher shares how stressful her first class was. She felt regret about getting hired with VIPKid and seemed very anxious.

Here are what more experienced teachers had to say…

“My first 30 classes were nervous, but now I teach about 50 classes per week..,My current experience is nothing like you are describing. I sit down and teach the material and try to help each kid have as much fun as possible. I don’t think about the technical stuff anymore because I’m just used to it.”

Another teacher shares her perspective as well…

“You’ll get the hang of it...The most I do back to back is 6. At first I couldn’t imagine doing so many in a row. Now, after 380 or so classes, I almost feel like it’s not worth the effort if I teach fewer than 3 in a row.”

Another experienced teacher wrote this…

“All of your concerns will get better with time. Just like with anything, practice makes you better. It just takes time to build up. I have been the breadwinner of my family with this job for the past year. Making more than most of my friends. You will get there! I can teach 18 back to back classes comfortably. If the power goes out or something and I had to cancel all of them... the max cancellations that can count against you in one calendar day is 2. Also, if you are sick then go get a doctors note and submit it so that cancellations don't count against you. This is the best job I have EVER had and I have been a classroom teacher before - this is so much better and more fulfilling. Hang in there!”

These reviews of VIPKid go to show that things get better over time. While you may be stressed at the beginning as you learn a new skill, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.


While there are plenty of posts on Reddit I couldn’t cover, it seems the majority of people have a good experience teaching with VIPKid.

Several teachers reported having a slow start and wondering if it would be worth it. But the majority clearly feel it’s worth it.

Up next, we'll dig up some VIPKid reviews on Indeed to see what teachers had to say about working with VIPKid.

Section 10:


In this section of our Ultimate VIPKid Review, we'll look at one final workplace review website: Indeed.

There were over 395 review of VIPKid on Indeed at the time I wrote this VIPKid review. 

While I can't cover every review, I took at look at the most common positive and negative comments about working with VIPKid and included in my own VIPKid review.



Indeed is another popular website where employees can rate their company. There are currently over 395 reviews of VIPKid on Indeed. 

Overall VIPKid has a 4 star rating on Below is a. sample of what VIPKid teachers had to say about VIPKid on Indeed.

VIPKid Reviews Indeed
Indeed VIPKid Review
Indeed VIPKid Review


The things mentioned on Indeed were similar to the things mentioned on other review sites. Here are some examples of comments made by VIPKid teachers on Indeed.

“The most enjoyable part of my job was teaching my 'regulars'. These were the kids that made the job worthwhile.”
“I am a single mother and this job affords me the ability to pay my bills and be with my child.”
“This company is great if you need some extra money in your pocket, and you don't mind working early in the morning or late at night”

Most VIPKid teachers on Indeed like the flexible schedule, good pay and working from home. Many also like the resources VIPKid has available on their website and on their Facebook groups.

Working with kids 1-on-1 was something the teachers enjoyed and most felt pleased with the company overall.


“Suffice to say that VIPKID provides teachers a means to earn money in a very restrictive and rigid environment with little to no flexibility or consideration given to the teacher.”
“as a company they are VERY strict on Teacher Absences and will terminate contracts with no sympathy”

Most negative reviews were from people who had been penalized for IT problems or missing classes. VIPKid docks your pay if you are unable to teach due to IT problems or a last minute cancellation. 

This is something many teachers feel unhappy about.

Another common complaint was about the early teaching hours. It can be very difficult to wake up early or stay up very late in order to accomodate the Chinese time zone. 

Finally, many teachers shared problems with getting booked initially. As mentioned in other reviews, this seems to be a hit or miss issue that gets better the longer you teach.


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Good Pay
  • Remote Work
  • Love The Kids
  • Lots Of Training/Resources


  • Strict Policies
  • Early Mornings
  • Pay Deducted For IT Issues
  • Slow To Get Booked

By now you are beginning to see some of the most common pros and cons from each review website. 

And while everyone has a unique experience, most people tend to say similar things about working with VIPKid.

In the next and. final section of our VIPKid review, I'll give you some final guidance if you think you are ready to start teaching with VIPKid.

Section 11:


In this final section of this Ultimate VIPKid review, I'm going to give you some final ideas on what you can do next if you are ready to start teaching with VIPKid.

By now, you know more than the average person abouot VIPKid.

You also have a. good idea of what you can expect when you work with VIPKid (both good and bad).

So let's wrap up with a few final takeaways.



Hopefully you now have a very thorough idea of what it’s like to work with VIPKid. I always think it’s best to go into something with the right expectations.

So if you are thinking of working with VIPKid, hopefully now you know what to expect.

If you’d like to go ahead and apply to work with VIPKid you can start by filling out your application. I will include a link for you to apply under my referral code. This means I'll get paid a bonus for referring a new teacher. 

As a "thank you" gift, not only will you get access to my help as you start the VIPKid journey, but I'll also send you a FREE VIPKid teacher t-shirt once you teach your first class.

Just send me a message once you apply using my link and I'll be able to start helping you.

Getting additional help

I've mentioned my VIPKid Hiring Course a few times throughout this VIPKid review. If you want to start teaching with VIPKid, but you are still uneasy about the process, then you can sign up for my free hiring course.

Inside of the course I go into greater detail about completing your application, learning how to teach English online and passing your mock classes.

I'll also connect with you on Facebook so that you can get my personal help if you get stuck along the way. 

Just click the button below to setup a User ID and password so that you can access the first few lessons immediately.

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