Pros and Cons of Teaching English Online With VIPKid

Are you wanting to make money online as an English teacher and wondering what are the pros and cons of teaching English online? You've come to the right place! After teaching online for several contracts, I've compiled a list of pros and cons of teaching for VIPKid.   

The Pros of Teaching English Online

1) Teaching English gives someone a real skill they can use for the rest of their lives!  

I love teaching a skill to someone that is going to open doors of opportunity for themselves. Learning another language is challenging. I admire anyone who learns a new language. I love getting to be part of a child's journey to learn English. Many of the students come to the online platform with a basis of English from school. They want to speak with a native speaker in order to receive fluency and correction from a native speaker.

2) The pay is great! 

Let me say that again... I make between $20-$24/hour teaching English online from the comfort of my own home! That's more than I could make at any part-time job. And that moves me to my next point...

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3) The hours are flexible! 

YOU set your own hours... YOU decide when you want to work. Do you want to only work on the weekends? Do you want to take a 2 week vacation and not work at all? Or do you want to work a ton to save up to pay off debt or pay for a vacation? YOU choose!I love that I get to work before my kids even wake up so that I can be present with them for the rest of the day. 

4) You work from ANYWHERE...

Your office moves with you wherever you go. I've personally worked in three different states within the same week while traveling. I also know many others who live and travel abroad and work for VIPKid

5) You get to meet people from other countries without ever stepping foot outside your front door.

I love traveling and getting to know people from other countries. The idea of traveling with small kids has kept us stationary for several years. However, this gives me an opportunity to meet and visit people from other countries through my little computer everyday! What a gift that is to me!

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The Cons of Teaching English Online With VIPKid

1) The hours can be challenging depending on your timezone.

The majority of the students VIPKid has are from China. This means there is a time difference. For me, on Eastern Standard Time, this is a 12 hour time difference for most of the year during Daylight Savings Time and a 13 hour time difference the other months. The hours work really well for me. I actually like teaching in the morning before my kids get up. Other people like it because they can work with VIPKid before their 'day job'. The only hours you cannot book classes are from 10:00pm-8:00AM Beijing Time because the kids are sleeping. So, if you are looking for a 9am-5pm job, this is not for you (Unless you live in Asia!). You're hours with VIPKid will be evening or morning hours. I work from 5:00-7:30am EST.  

2) Working With A Chinese Company Can Be Challenging

VIPKid is a Chinese-Owned company. This means there will be cultural differences that can sometimes be challenging. But, I learned that having an American VIPKid hiring coach along the way was REALLY helpful in navigating the cultural differences. VIPKid has you team up with a 'referral teacher' in order for them to help you navigate the company and to alleviate any questions you might have about the company and culture.  

3) The application process can be long. 

Remember, working for a company of a different culture is well, different. The VIPKid hiring process can be hard to figure out on your own. There were some hoops to jump through in order to get the best job I've ever been paid to do! (Because the best job I've ever had is being a mom... and well, that is a priceless job 🙂 ) This is another reason I found having a coach to be VERY helpful. There are many resources online that can be overwhelming. However, having someone to answer questions and walk with you along the way is priceless! I'd love to be  your coach!

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4) Honestly, I can't come up with more things that are cons of teaching English online...

I really do love it! It has made me a better mom and teacher to my own kids. I'm using my gift of teaching in a way that makes sense for my family. I'm able to be a mom and present with my kids all day (besides a 20 minute nap in the afternoon!) and also bring in some extra income for our family.  

So, that's it! What do you think of the pros and cons of teaching English online? I'd love to know your thoughts! I believe the pros outweigh the cons by a lot! 

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